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澳门银河网络赌博:"Drinking and Taking Medicine" Quotes and Deductions

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内容摘要:Institutional Secret Liquor Rise of Over 700 Million Yuan Large Order Influx of 8 Leading Shares\u0026nbsp;Since May, the liquor sector has ...

Institutional Secret Liquor Rise of Over 700 Million Yuan Large Order Influx of 8 Leading Shares

\u0026nbsp;Since May, the liquor sector has performed outstandingly, with a cumulative increase of 15.28% during the period. Only from yesterday's market performance, the liquor section was once again Occupy the concept plate gains top spot, the overall increase exceeded 4%.

In this regard, GF Securities said the current round of liquor to take the cattle to keep up with a rise of the same logic: First, high-end liquor prices open space industry; secondly, are high-end liquor bull conduction path to the second end of the country to The high end of local wine. The current round of liquor bull just went to the middle, continue to look good for the next seven _ 89456 _ 14 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 15 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 16 _ 65473 _ 92 years to 3 years the liquor industry boom.

Shenwan Hong source Securities also pointed out that the liquor sector performance is strong, regional brands such as Gujing Distillery , hole in the pit among the biggest gainers, benefiting regional wines logic is upgrading one hundred yuan price range (price from $ 100 moving to 200-300 yuan), in particular the 2018 first quarter earnings have improved significantly in 2018 of the valuation is 20 times the short-term outstanding performance. At the current time, the valuation of liquor companies in 2018 is generally close to 25 times, and that of the second high-end is more than 30 times. The core of the specific subdivision direction of the liquor sector in the future depends on the medium- to long-term growth space, and more attention must be paid to the estimates from 2019 to 2020. Values, based on dimensions from 1 quarter to 2 quarters. Unlike most opinions in the current market, it is mainly optimistic about high-end and high-end national brands of more than 300 yuan. Currently and in the future, liquor is a structurally growing industry (the growth is concentrated in the middle and high price range wines).

fact, including the above two organizations, State Securities , Northeast Securities , CRE Securities, China Merchants Securities , Haitong Securities such as 17 organizations have released a research report in May said they saw liquor plate outlook chance.

In addition to the generally optimistic view of institutions, the large influx of funds is also an important reason for the strength of the liquor sector. From yesterday's point of view, the "Securities Daily" Market Research Center found that, according to statistics, yesterday, 15 white spirit stocks showed a large net amount of funds net inflow situation, total net inflows of 859.7200 million yuan of large funds. Among them, there were 12 white spirit stocks with a net inflow of over 10 million yuan in large single funds. The net inflow of large single funds topped the list, which was 3,455,073,300 yuan, followed by 7_89456_9, Kweichow Moutai, followed by a net inflow of 170,793,300 yuan. yuan, in addition, Laobaigan wine (54.95 million yuan), alcoholic liquor (47,019,300 yuan), cellar hole (36,648,400 yuan), Gujing (35,056,000 yuan), present edge (34,229,300 yuan) , Luzhou Laojiao (30,993,300 yuan) and other large stocks of 6 white wine stocks have net inflows of more than 30 million yuan, and the above 8 white liquor stocks total net inflows of 75,524,900 yuan.

for Wuliangye, Changjiang Securities, said the industry bonuses and dividends reform needs to be further converted into earnings growth, Wuliangye is expected to continue high growth: over the past five years, high-end liquor consumption compound annual growth rate of more than 10%, high-end liquor consumption upgrade push continued expansion, but in short supply Maotai, Wuliangye industry is expected to fully enjoy the dividends and share increase; superimposed product focus, channel flat, floor mix change and other multi-dimensional depth reform, Wuliangye reform dividend to be further released strong earnings growth uncertainty. It is expected that the earnings per share from 2018 to 2019 will be 3.54 yuan and 4.55 yuan, respectively, and maintain the "buy" rating. (Securities Daily)

Capturing "Medicine" Structured Quotes The fund's continuous warehousing stocks have been strong since the beginning of this year. A number of medical-themed funds have started to issue shares, and stock funds have continued to add pharmaceutical stocks. Standing at present point in time, pharmaceutical stocks market foundation is solid, and the prices can be sustained? A number of fund managers said that although the market’s expectations for pharmaceutical stocks have been pushed up, innovative drug companies, high-quality generic pharmaceutical companies benefiting from preferential review and generic drug conformity assessment and other related policies, as well as some high degree of prosperity Structural investment opportunities in the fine-molecule industry are still worth paying attention to.

Money continues to flow into the pharmaceutical sector

This year, pharmaceutical stocks have become a bright spot in the volatile market. According to the data, as of May 24, during the year, the Shenwan Pharmaceutical Biological Index rose 14.12%, ranking first in all industries, and some high-quality white horses and subdivision leaders have accumulated even greater gains. In this context, the enthusiasm for the allocation of funds to the pharmaceutical sector has increased, and has further boosted the performance of pharmaceutical stocks.

According to the statistics of CITIC Securities , non-medicine fund pharmaceutical stocks in the first quarter of 2018 accounted for 1.98 percentage points higher than the previous quarter, reaching 8.26%, but still at historically low levels.

“From the perspective of the second quarter, the fund's actions to increase positions are still continuing.” A fund manager in Shanghai said that in the uncertain macro environment, the market in 2018 is different from that in 2017. clear the main investment, while favorable factors such as the pharmaceutical sector, especially fast-growing part of the plate sub-sub-industry performance, achievements bulk of new medicines appear, generics conformance assessment to determine the relative dividend and releasing, so that the relative advantages of the pharmaceutical sector have also both Defensive attributes and thus favored by the funds.

It is worth noting that with this round of medical stocks, the medical theme fund performed well. The data shows that the top partial stock fund in the top ranking of this year's performance has been a medical and health theme fund. As of May 23, the annual returns of funds such as the Wells Fargo Precision Medical Mix, the Rongtong Healthcare Industry Mix, the China-Europe Medical Health Mix, and the Wells Fargo Health Care Industry Mix were all above 25%.

Partially stocked medical subject funds have received net subscriptions. From the data of the first quarter, such as Anxin Consumer Medicine equity fund , the new fund's share of 514 million copies in just 3 months. In addition, the mixed quarter of China-Europe medical and health care and E Fund Healthcare increased 440 million copies and 145 million copies.

In addition, it is worth noting that some new medicines such as gold or medical stocks that have recently invested in medical funds have also started to be launched. For example, the Bank of China Healthcare Hybrid Fund is in issuance, and Huatai Berui Medical Health will also be held in May. Issued on the 28th.

-than-expected outlook or still field

of course, in the early days had accumulated large gains, under the premise of market expectations already high, the market outlook for pharmaceutical stocks, investors can continue to be strong and there are also some questions.

"Indeed, the market has a strong expectation for the deterministic growth of the pharmaceutical industry, and the industry growth in the next stage will still exceed expectations, including the results of leading enterprises' mid-term reporting, industry policies, and the speed of new drug approvals. The main areas include innovative drugs, Generic drug consistency assessment, pharmacy chain, and vaccines, etc.” said Xu Xiaojie, a fund manager of Huatai Berui Medical Health. At the same time, she pointed out that this round of medical stocks should be referred to as a structural market. In the process of "supply-side reform" in the industry, companies that meet the industry's development trend can continue to perform, and some companies will also be under pressure.

Gülen, a fund manager of the China-Europe Healthcare Fund, believes that the current valuation of the pharmaceutical sector is at an above-average level. The pharmaceutical industry experienced a 3-4 year bear market and is currently at the bottom recovery stage. The growth rate and prosperity of the industry are all in the early stages of growth. In 2018, investment opportunities in the pharmaceutical bio-sector will continue to be optimistic. For this round of the business cycle of the pharmaceutical industry, she gave a 2-3 year judgment. In the specific direction, she will continue to be optimistic about investment opportunities for innovative drug companies and high-quality generic pharmaceutical companies that benefit from priority review and generic drug conformity assessment and other related policies; secondly, actively explore medical services, medical devices, biological products, etc. Divide the field leader; Finally, combine the financial report to focus on long-term stable growth of safe marginal stocks.

BOCI Securities also pointed out that the medical sector's market is expected to continue because of the following reasons: First, the pharmaceutical industry has the property of counter-cyclicality, and the performance growth is stable, and it is unlikely that the growth rate will drop sharply. Second, the Chinese pharmaceutical companies research and development of innovative drugs to generic-based, low development risk, less developed situation of collective failure may occur, so the pharmaceutical industry investment logic in the short term is difficult to be self falsified. (China Securities Journal)

The article read the past two years to drink drugs medicine consumption theme fund to find out

\u0026nbsp;As we all know, last year was the "drinking" market, this year is "take medicine" market, and both industries have a common attributes - are all consumer industries.

it comes to consumer stocks, Cinda Securities recently published research reports that the consumer sector has the ability to cross CBBC, long-term leader in the stock market, the market will often breed as a defensive consumer sector, especially food and beverage and pharmaceutical biotechnology made a high long-term returns. The article also mentioned that when the economy weakened, investors began to “take drugs and drink” to see specific analysis.

The economy is weakening and ushering in the “drinking and drinking drugs” market

The consumer segment is usually treated as a defensive configuration. The reason is that Cinda Securities believes that the correlation between the consumer sector and the economy is relatively weak, and the negative impact on the macroeconomic downturn is relatively small. Someone will ask, when the economy improves? Since the rate of recovery of income is also relatively slow, investors will prefer investment cycle stocks in this case.

After a simple deduction, it can be concluded that the fluctuation of the growth rate of revenue growth in the large consumer industry is relatively low. What is the actual situation?

In order to verify the conclusion, Cinda Securities's teacher selected SWS 1st grade industry index and calculated the average and standard deviation of annual operating income growth since 2000, as shown in the figure below.


can clearly see that the smaller standard deviation revenue growth of consumer industries, that is, volatility is low. Over the years, the growth rate of the lowest standard deviation of the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food and beverage, textile and garment , light manufacturing and home appliances, and standard deviation higher revenues volatile non-ferrous metal industry is Bank , and steel and other cyclical stocks.

medicine, biology and revenue growth are the least volatile food and beverage industry, no wonder that when the economy weakened, investors began to "take medicine to drink."

consumer sector through the CBBC, the future can be

Cinda Securities teachers and compared Since 2000, the rate of return Shen Wan an industry index. Statistics show that the industries that have performed the best since 2000 are: Food \u0026 Beverage, Medical Biology, Household Appliances and Leisure Services. Almost all of them are related to our lives. Despite the better performance of the index


industry, the industry will have to look at how their own profitability.

Since 2000, changes in the industry index Net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders as follows: fundamentals of profitability since


best sector in 2000 is finance; real estate, building materials and architectural decoration followed by investment-related; again Consumption of food, beverage, household appliances, media and medical organisms in the consumer sector. In fact, it also reflects the changes in China's economic fundamentals are the first two decades.

As the economy gradually transforms, the driving force of China's GDP gradually shifts from investment to consumption. In 2017, the contribution rate of consumption to GDP was 58.8%, and in the first quarter of 2018, it reached 77.8%. Cinda Securities said that although it is affected by seasonal factors, the driving force of China's future consumption will become stronger and stronger.

Cinda Securities pointed out that, although the market is often the consumer sector as a defensive varieties, but perhaps it is its ability to cross the Bull and Bear Market, to ensure its long-term high returns, food and beverage and pharmaceutical and biotech industry is even worse. Even excluding the impact of valuation, the overall profit growth of the consumer industry is also in the head of the market. As China's economic structure gradually shifts to consumption-driven, the boring and beautiful consumer sector is still expected to become the preferred track for the next decade or even two decades.

callback White Horse, is expected to favor longer

Cinda Securities pointed out that with the gradual rebound in market sentiment, the overall market rebound, the consumer sector shares led the gains with the period, reflecting investors' bearish factor for the value of shares of White Horse digested more fully, economy is also expected to show signs of improvement.

Looking ahead, the teacher Cinda Securities believes that economic data is still room for improvement to continue in the short term without worrying about inflation, the market is expected to gradually reverse the pessimism, pre deeper pullback White Horse market share is expected to be favored again. In addition, as the economy is expected to rebound in cyclical stocks are expected to usher in a rebound. Configuration recommendations are: a large consumer of coal, bio-medicine, social services, food and beverage.

List of consumer theme funds

Now that we talk about the consumer industry, Wealth Management also gives you a list of consumer theme funds.

In the table, 66 consumer theme funds are listed. If you purchase, you can choose the appropriate funds in combination with medium and long-term funds. Wealth Management also lists management fees for your reference.


In addition, there are also some index fund of layout consumption, a total of 15, each share is calculated separately. To buy such funds, investors need to understand the index tracking targets.


(China Daily Fund)

largest consumer themes fund

the phone can buy a fund account, click here to download immediately 7_894 56_263_65473_9
Fund Code fund referred near January earnings fee operating
160632 Penghua wine classification 19.45% 1. 20% 0.12% Buy Account Opening Purchase
161725 Liquor Merchants Securities Index classification 17.84% 1.00 % 0.10% purchase account purchase
001230 Peng Hua Pharmaceutical Technology 13.93% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
001631 Celestica Securities food and beverage index A13 .38%1.00%7_89456_ 306_65473_9 0.10% purchase card accounts to buy Thai
160222 country food and beverage industry index rating 13.13% 0.00 % 0.00% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, Deadline: 2018- 05-28





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